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I like very much when the slideshow does the images Black and White. Can it be configured so it will run always this way?

Yes, in the "Settings Window" (press the Enter key while the program is running) click the tab "Effects". In the left side there is a list of options "Families of effects", make sure the only option checked is BW Variations (you can Alt+Click on the small box at its left, this will check this option unchecking all others)

How many effects contain the program?

There are more than 100 (some being subtle variations of others) many of them contain parameters that are set randomly each time and can make little or more obvious differences. Additionally there are a few of the effects that consist on mixing others so actually there are much more possible results.

Can you run PhotoChances Explorer showing only the images but with no effect?

Yes, there's a specific setting that will run the slideshow with no effects: In the tab Effect of the options (press the E key while the slideshow is running) check only "Simple slideshow" and in the options for this one put "Photo transform" to zero.

I noticed that the images in the slideshow are not as sharp as when captured in the Lab mode, what gives?

When the slideshow animates the images by zooming, it softens them to avoid artifacts on the screen (moire) due to too sharp details in the picture. Disable zooming and the images will be as sharp as the final result. (To disable zooming press the key E while in the slideshow, this will open the Settings in the tab effects, choose there "Avoid zooming" for the families of effects you have active)

You say the watermark in saved images in the demo program can be removed when the program is licensed. How is that done? (I don't see any option for this in the demo program)

Drag the image withe the watermark to the program's icon. It will appear a message offering to remove the watermark. You will have to select a folder+filename for the non-watermarked image.

I use PhotoChances-Explorer as my mp3 player but when it runs as a screensaver it doesn't play music.

That's an option, in the Slideshow press the M key, this will open the settings at the tab Music. Uncheck the option "Mute if screensaver".

I don't want to see the photochances text in the bottom side of the slideshow.

Press G in your keyboard to open the Settings window at the General tab. There is an option "Show program's signature" that should be unchecked.

Other questions?

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