PhotoChances Explorer for Windows.
Will display your digital photos in a slideshow with the effects chosen randomly (the originals will remain untouched).
Each image displayed can be saved with the effect at the resolution of the original picture.

Discover and enjoy the art in your photographs in different styles and techniques and choose what you like.

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  • Rediscover your old photos. PhotoChances can handle large collections of photographs spread on different folders and optionally show them randomly. You will see photographs you maybe forgot or perhaps discarded.
  • Discover old and new images with new interpretations and capture anything you like.
  • An amazing screen saver, with your own photos but different effects you will have always a surprise when it triggers
  • Reuse the captured images with PhotoChances Lab and you will have that same effect ready for any of your pictures

See also PhotoChances LAB.
Manage and reuse the many effects and get new ones with the random generator.

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