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How can you use the PhotoChances program with other image editing softwares

Here's a trick to exchange images with other programs:

You don't need to stop PhotoChances during the process, so you can go back and forth between the programs very easily and PhotoChances will keep the active effect, may be useful with successive images.

How many effects contain the program?

There are more than 100 (some being subtle variations of others) many of them contain parameters that are set randomly each time and can make little or more obvious differences. Additionally there are a few of the effects that consist on mixing others so actually there are much more possible results.

I have PhotoChances explorer, the slideshow and I want to use it to use a particular effect to individual images.

This is one of the major features of PhotoChances-Lab. Once you captured an image with an effect you can apply that same effect to any other image: Run PhotoChances-Lab, open the image containing the effect in the "Recipes zone" (at the top) and open the image you want the effect applied to in the "Target image" zone. (Instead of using the open button, both zones admit dragging the file on them) You can fine-tune the effect with the controls at the right.

While working in PhotoChances Lab I want to process the image in PhotoShop, is that possible?

Yes you can do it with the Clipboard (copying in PhotoChances LAB and pasting in PhotoShop) or saving the image, notice the dialog when saving the image that has an option "Edit after saving" that should invoke PhotoShopw with the saved image. See the first question about a method to work with both programs easily

You say the watermark in saved images in the demo program can be removed when the program is licensed. How is that done? (I don't see any option for this in the demo program)

Drag the image withe the watermark to the program's icon. It will appear a message offering to remove the watermark. You will have to select a folder+filename for the non-watermarked image.

Other questions?

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